Backend Engineer at involio

As a Backend Engineer, you’ll work with UX designers, UX researchers, mobile/full-stack engineers, product management and testing to solve problems for users of involio platform using frameworks, tools, platforms and writing code. You will be responsible for designing and building services including the backend data persistence layer and exposing these services securely via an API. You’ll be responsible for the quality of these services including availability, security, observability, performance, resiliency, and maintainability. You will be responsible for the application logic, client integration and proxy code, REST API design, data persistence design, state management, permissions and authN/authZ, secure communications, integration and deployment on AWS. You will work closely with the mobile engineers to expose APIs that are useful, easy to understand, and integrate well with mobile and automation scenarios. 

Individuals joining involio are passionate about building distributed systems at scale, solving cool customer and engineering problems, innovating for users, helping them achieve their goals, and doing all-around awesome stuff! You will leverage your expert knowledge of distributed systems and cloud technologies to deliver secure, resilient and performant services and APIs. You should possess a strong ability to design and architect distributed systems that require continuous availability, strong uptime and performance SLAs and high “9”s of availability. You will have experience optimizing services and APIs to meet the demands of millions of active users and transactions per second at internet-scale. Candidates will be familiar with delivering well-documented maintainable code and release strategies for production, automation and CI/CD pipelines. Candidates will enjoy working on a team of individuals that want to change the world!

Additionally, candidates are interested in helping recruit, mentor, and scale the core engineering team as the involio team grows.

involio is based out of Scottsdale, AZ and seeking employees located in the valley. If you are remote and believe this is your calling, apply and we can discuss the potential for remote work within the Pacific time zone. 

As a Backend Engineer, you will be responsible for:

  • Collaborating with UX Design, UX Research, Product, and testing to design, build, develop, deploy, scale, monitor, document, and sustain the user experience for involio platform and any additional or peripheral products that may need to be developed.

  • Designing and implementing mobile architectures that include both client-side and server-side components. Mobile and web applications developed in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React and React Native with reusable components and consistent design patterns for integration, quality, and overall application sustainability. 

  • Advocating for best engineering practices, including automation, CI/CD workflows, quality, security, performance and more.

  • Partnering with leadership to create engineering roadmaps that balance new features with rapid customer growth and engineering excellence.

  • Partnering with marketing and operations to build product experiences that encompass user journeys that span mobile, web, data, cloud, analytics and insights.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 5+ years experience as a Backend Developer or similar role designing and architecting distributed systems at scale, services, and API.

  • Fluent in Python and/or one additional back-end language like Go or Node.js and frameworks like FastAPI, Chalice or Django REST Framework. 

  • Experience working with IDEs (e.g. VSCode, PyCharm, Eclipse Theia), CI/CD pipelines, iOS, Android Studio, version control including GitHub pull requests, clones, and commits 

  • Experience with tools for application performance monitoring (e.g. OpenTelemetry, Zabbix), instrumentation, logging, and tracing

  • Deep familiarity with HTTP/S, REST and JSON and other Web-based protocols and messaging formats including gRPC, XML, oData, AMQP, STOMP, etc.  

  • Experienced with testing frameworks and tools (Selenium/Cypress) and quality controls

  • Experienced in SDLC best practices including automation, CI/CD workflows (GitHub Actions, Jenkins, etc.), Infrastructure Automation (Terraform, Cloudformation), SCA, security, performance optimization, networking. 

  • Experienced with Agile Methodologies including Scrum, Kanban, or XP. 

  • Familiarity with databases technologies (e.g. MongoDB, DynamoDB, TimeStream, KeySpaces, Redis, Elasticache), AWS services (e.g. AWS Lambda, API Gateway, AWS Cognito), proxy technologies, and service mesh are a plus

  • Ability to work in an Agile environment, translate user requirements, plan projects, communicate status and deliver results while keeping high quality standards.

  • 4 year undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Math. 

  • Proficient written and verbal communication skills.

Bonus Experience:

  • Prior experience at a startup or similar fast-paced environment, ideally with cloud-based applications, distributed systems, B2C applications, mobile marketplaces, marketing applications, and/or e-commerce applications.

  • Experience with billing and payment integration 

  • Experience working with other clouds including Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform are a plus. 

  • Enjoys investing in the financial markets

People at involio enjoy working on a team, learning from others, checking their egos, relentlessly communicating and sharing, and contributing back as much as you learn from others. You are comfortable wearing multiple hats and getting the job done now matter how big or small. You seek feedback from others, reflect on how you can improve, use data to make decisions and hold yourself accountable. You love all aspects of software development, solving distributed scale problems, but most importantly are passionate about delivering world-class, phenomenal experiences users fall in love with.

About involio

involio is a stealth mode startup creating the next generation platform for investors. We believe investing is hard to learn and too silo'd for everyday users to maximize value from. involio will change the way the world thinks and revolves around investing.