About Involio

Involio is setting a new standard for viewing and sharing capital allocation.

Involio has come to light with an innumerable push, a seemingly broken social investing market, thousands of affected individuals — and an overall need for change. Our two founders, Ian Watson & Ryan Pace, launched Involio with one simple goal: to enhance the investing experience.

In the current state, anyone can claim anything. Anyone can say they are the best and convince thousands to pay them for their trading advice. Buyers are then funneled into Discords or similar chat group model platforms. These platforms do not consider traders' needs in any way.

The current form of social investing is unvetted, inconvenient, and full of issues — this was the birth of the Involio concept: A social investing platform built a-top a fund, allowing for proper accreditation with our creators.

We've spent the better part of the last decade watching the flaws of our industry, and we've come together to build a traders' haven from the ground up. We are considering followers' needs and attending to all traders' needs.

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